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Giles Fraser at Westminster Skeptics

via Google+ Thoughts on Dr Giles Fraser at Westminster Skeptics: He is a great speaker. It’s easy to see why he rose to the position of Canon of St Pauls. His talk was roughly based around the idea that … Continue reading

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TAM London Day One

The Amazing Meeting London (TAMLondon) kicked off today. My day started off at the back of a queue outside the Mermaid Theater in Blackfriars. Things started off badly for me as I spent most of my queuing time on my … Continue reading

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Flying Spaghetti Monster

Some things deserve to be linked to. Flying Spaghetti Monster creates universe

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Creationism Stalking the Land

I was disturbed to read the following letter in this week's Private Eye. Sir,     Your reviewer of Richard Dawkin's latest literary fantasy The Ancestor's Tale (Eye 1118) was correct to point out the religious aspects of Dawkin's effusions. Evolutionism … Continue reading

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