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Great River Race

I found out the other day that something called the Great River Race was setting off from the Millwall Slipway which is only walking distance from my house. So on Saturday afternoon I wandered over shortly before the start to … Continue reading

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Playing with Hugin Panorama Stitcher

I finally got around to playing with stitching some photos together using the Hugin stitching tool. Hugin is very powerful but I would have found it entirely incomprehensible if it wasn’t for an excellent tutorial from lifehacker. I’m quite pleased … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Sun

Spent the day walking a coast path on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. Have managed to sunburn one patch of one arm. v.annoying. Pictures to prove that sometimes the sun does shine in Wales.

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I’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up

This isn’t something I see a lot in Cardiff. It makes me wonder what actually happened. I can only assume that the car was deliberately flipped over.

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Snow Finally Arrives in Cardiff

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Back From Skiing

I guess I shouldn’t be amazed by how quickly the glow from a holiday wears off after intersecting with work. Photos linked below for those that are interested.

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Exploding Barrels are Red

If video games have taught me anything it’s that explosive barrels are red, and that all buildings have a liberal supply of them to use as impromptu ammunition against ones enemies. The heating at work has been broken all week, … Continue reading

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Christmas is a Time for Walking

Back up north for Christmas. Staving off torpor by going for long walks in the country.

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My Friends Electric

I saw a slightly unusual delivery vehicle on my way to a meeting today. Yes, that does say “Zero Emission Electric Vehicle” on the back. I’m pleasantly surprised to see things like this out and about.

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