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Westminster Skeptics: The Revolution Will Be Digitized

After being in London for nearly a year I’ve finally managed to make it to a Westminster Skeptics in the Pub meeting. I was rewarded with an entertaining and thought-provoking talk by crusading journalist Heather Brooke. Based on her new … Continue reading

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Look I was bored, OK?

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Insightful Slashdot Comments

Shocking I know. Ask slashdot is today running a piece about bizarre IT setups. Very amusing. I suspect everyone has a story like these.

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Red Hat in Bad Mouthing Fedora Shock

Read this unhappy tale. If that really was a Red Hat sales person they need to be found a nd sacked. Also it would seem prudent to tone down the wording of this page about Fedora. So the chap on … Continue reading

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Grid Computing Talk For Gllug and LRL2006

Coincidentally I’m attending an “Improve Your Presentations” course on Wednesday so I though I’d better put together a first attempt at my Grid Computing talk. It’s fairly hand-wavy at the moment but contains the basic outline of my “Grid Computing … Continue reading

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A Day With Catalyst

You may remember that after the Web Frameworks Evening I rashly proposed that I would develop a simple application with each of the frameworks mentioned. Earlier in the week, as good as my word, I took Catalyst out for a … Continue reading

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Web Frameworks Evening

Hearing about different web-frameworks turned out to be suprisingly fun. Even if there wasn’t enough room in the pub. It’s probably better for my Liver if I don’t drink. Most examples you see of how to use Your Favourite Framework … Continue reading

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I’m Embarrassed

Once for doing the stupid test. Twice for the result. Damn.

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To Use The Internet You Must Be At Least This Smart

So I keep seeing this particularly amusing advert cropping up on a lot of the geekier websites that I read. I would hold that the advert itself is a pretty reliable IQ test. It can safely be asuumed that those … Continue reading

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Firefox Extensions

How I have managed to survive the long without availing myself of firefox extensions is clearly a problem that will tax historians in the years to come. In this vein I present a quick list of the extensions that I … Continue reading

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