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Firefox Extensions

How I have managed to survive the long without availing myself of
firefox extensions is clearly a problem that will tax historians in the
years to come. In this vein I present a quick list of the extensions
that I find most useful.


Simple extension that replaces flash animations with a small icon.
Click on the icon to play the animation. Its primary use is to reduce
the impact of all those annoying jamster ads that are constantly
clamouring for my attention.


I'm assuming that everyone is familiar with
a volunteer-collated database of logins for registration only sites.
The bugmenot extension lets you paste a log-in from the bugmenot
database in a couple of mouseclicks. This sure beats my old way of
pasting urls into bugmenot and then passting the log-in ans password
back out. A massive time-saver.


Lets you open mailto links in a webmail service. Defaults to GMail but supports many others.

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New version of Bashpodder

Ooh, lots of bug-fixes in this release. As the number of feeds I'm
subscribed to has increased so have the number of weird RSS parsing
bugs. Slacker Astronomy
put line-feeds in their enclosures, which is legal but unexpected.
Anyway the major step forward is that I'm now basing decisions on the
filename returned from the HTTP request rather than relying on the url
in the RSS feed. This allows the new version of Bashpodder to handle
all kinds of craziness.

The podcast.log format differs slighlty from the original bashpodder. To be safe you may want to run -nograb to write out a new log first time around.

The new script can be found here.

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[updated 2006]

this version of bashpodder is only kept around for historical reasons.

If you are looking for a command-line podcatcher that supports bittorrent then try Peapod. This is superior in every way to bashpodder and is being actively maintained.

I’ve put a version of up on the site. This one will
fetch podcasts from bittorent as well as http and ftp, and then write
the podcast.m3u once it’s done.

Get it here.

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Oh, Ha Ha Ha.

So Scoble linked to some guy’s website which contains a hilarious (oh,
my aching sides) flash animation entitled How to Turn Your Windows
Desktop into Linux
. Besides the obvious point of why anyone would use
flash to put up a page that’s mostly text with a couple of pictures,
bandwidth anyone?; this irritated the hell out of me because it
illustrates a trait all too common amongst computer users of all
stripes. Because they don’t understand another platform that platform
is Bad.

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Random Stuff

Anyone who frequents newsgroups for any length of time picks up some
fairly random stuff along the way. So in an attempt not to lose all the
great bits of ephemera I shall post them here.

Northen Lights

spectacular photos can be found here.

213 Things Skippy is No Longert Allowed to do in the Military

Strange and bizarrely funny list of exploits carried out by on Specialist Shwartz formerly of the US Army in Bosnia.

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