I Hate Dell, But Still Desire a Mini-9

Seriously Dell, do you not understand the concept of “out of stock”? I ordered my mini 9 on the 10th of February and got a nice email telling me the delivery date would be the on or before the 27th. Quite a wait, but the mini 9 is really popular and I desire it above all other netbooks.

Then I got an email on the 17th of February moving my delivery date back to the 5th of March. I was ill at the time so it made barely a dent in my virally inflicted misery.

Today I got an email cheerfully apologising for the unexpected demand and pushing my delivery date back to the 19th of March. I mean seriously, revising the delivery date the day before I was expecting to take delivery. Does that strike anyone else as professional? It’s the sort of behaviour I would expect out of a 419 scammer.

However, it’s bad form to make a decision when you are angry. Tomorrow in the clear light of day, if I can’t think of a good reason why Dell deserve my money I shall cancel the order and go and buy and Samsung NC-10.