Big Disks?

We’re probably going to need a large amount of disk space shortly. It’s basically somewhere to back things up so it doesn’t need to be terribly fast. I’ve been having a look around and I’ve come up with two possibilities.

Sun X4500

  • 24TB SATA
  • 4U
  • Software RAID (ZFS)
  • well engineered
  • Sun support
  • 20k with academic pricing

DNUK Teravault

  • 27TB SATA
  • 6U
  • Hardware RAID (Areca 110)
  • DNUK rails are usually horrid
  • 13k full price

The x4500 is smaller and I know it will be less hassle to physically install. But the DNUK box is a lot cheaper and has more storage. From looking at the hardware specs I think that the x4500 is the superior product but I’ve no reason to believe the Teravault won’t get the job done.

If anyone has had hands-on experience of either box I would really like to here about it.