Red Hat in Bad Mouthing Fedora Shock

Read this unhappy tale.

If that really was a Red Hat sales person they need to be found a nd sacked. Also it would seem prudent to tone down the wording of this page about Fedora.

So the chap on the Fedora Forums has valiantly managed to get a Fedora-based project off the ground in what sounds like a fairly windows-centric enverionment only to have the wheels come off because one of his customers has read the Red Hat page about Fedora being “impractical for use in commercial environments…” And the n some “Red Hat Sales Rep” gives him a list of the usual canards about open-source software being unsafe because anyone can contribute.

News for Red Hat: This isn’t a win for RHEL it’s a loss for Linux.

And to think I was already in a bad mood. Heres hoping the sales rep turns out not to work for Red Hat.