Weekend Stuff

After spending Friday eveneing skating further and faster that I ever have before my knees now hate me. But I have the warm fuzzy feeling that in a couple of weeks I may no longer look like a complete gimp while I’m skating.

swskate are lovely people and are entirely to blame for my currently aching joints. And before anyone sends me any emails about the javascript on that website I’ve already talked to their web chap about the proper way to do things. In his defence he’s only just learning and appears amenable to clue.

Spent much of Sunday getting my head around generating and parsing XML in python. The upshot of this is that I can now import OPML feed lists straight into peapod. OPML export is next on the list, after which adding pcast support should be fairly straight-forward. Juri Pakaste’s OPML library made this all very easy. A little bit of XML knowledge should come in handy now that I am beginning to wade hip-deep into the new generation of grid toolkits.

Jonothan Coulton has done it again. Codemonkey should warm the cockles of all programmers’ hearts everywhere. Enjoy.