New Bashpodder Package

This version of bashpodder is deprecated. If you want something with this functionality go to

I've cleaned up and re-structured the script to make it easier to read
and maintain. Bashpodder is also now smart enough to detect your
bittorrent version and do the right thing. Also added the much
requested feature of only downloading the latest show in a feed. Rather
than blathering on I shall simply post the helpful README file that
I've included in the new package.

If you are interested read on..

It has few dependencies and should run on most linux or unix systems. It can be
configured to only download a set number of shows from each feed. It also has
bittorrent support.

#Setting up bashpodder

copy the contents of the tar archive into a directory where you want
your podcasts to get downloaded to. My copy of bashpodder and its
accessory scripts live in $HOME/podcasts

The urls for the feeds you want to subscribe to go in bp.conf . The
version you just downloaded contains the feeds that I listen to. Feel
free to delete them if they are not to your taste.

You should now run the check_dependencies script. This will tell you if
you have all the necessary software installed to run bashpodder.
Bittorrent is optional. If you don't subscribe to any bittorrent feeds
then you don't have to install bittorrent.


There are a number of variables within the bashpodder script that can be
changed to alter bashpodder's behaviour.


set this to 1 to limit the number of items bashpodder will download from
a single feed.


set this to the number of items you wish to download from each feed.
Only has an effect if limit_downloads is set to 1.


set this to 0 so that bashpodder will only download items that appeared
in the feed since you last ran bashpodder. Set to 1 and bashpodder will
work its way through old items in feeds until all items are downloaded.


set to 1 so that bashpodder will not seed torrents that it has



will download all podcasts into a directory YEAR-MM-DD. Then creates a
playlist called podcast.m3u within that directory.
#Accessory scripts

lets you know if you have all the right software installed for
bashpodder to work.

small perl script to do date parsing. Allows bashpodder to work out
which shows in a feed are most recent. and
these scripts allow bashpodder to download bittorrent distributed

Download the package.

Happy Podcatching,