Firefox Extensions

How I have managed to survive the long without availing myself of
firefox extensions is clearly a problem that will tax historians in the
years to come. In this vein I present a quick list of the extensions
that I find most useful.


Simple extension that replaces flash animations with a small icon.
Click on the icon to play the animation. Its primary use is to reduce
the impact of all those annoying jamster ads that are constantly
clamouring for my attention.


I'm assuming that everyone is familiar with
a volunteer-collated database of logins for registration only sites.
The bugmenot extension lets you paste a log-in from the bugmenot
database in a couple of mouseclicks. This sure beats my old way of
pasting urls into bugmenot and then passting the log-in ans password
back out. A massive time-saver.


Lets you open mailto links in a webmail service. Defaults to GMail but supports many others.