Scoble Crowing Again

Robert Scoble is crowing about the loss of one linux user to windows XP.

Now I sypmpathise with this Misanthropyst chap. Getting 802.11 stuff
working under linux is pretty damn hard. Mostly it's hard because
almost none of the hardware manufacturers will release info about their
cards let alone releasing drivers. Windows get's a free ride on this
because it's the dominant platform, if hardware companies don't release
windows drivers they don't sell any hardware. Scoble should be less
triumphalist, the day is fast approaching where failing to deliver
linux drivers will be a similarly fatal mistake.

As we are on the subject of ease of use I'm going to plug Project Utopia. To quote Robert Love "[It is] a grand scheme to improve the integration of the Linux desktop and end world

I also feel it's worth mentioning that Misanthropyst still uses linux to run his webserver. Good chap.